Simple Homemade White Chocolate Mocha Syrup Recipe

Mochas are quite beloved among coffee lovers and it just got better. Now, the good news, for all the white chocolate fans out there, you can now use your favorite chocolate to make a white chocolate mocha drink.

The white chocolate syrup recipe that I will share with you today is very simple. It contains two simple ingredients that you will find at your local grocery store.


The main ingredients for this homemade white chocolate syrup are white chocolate and milk. That’s it.

I used one ½ cup of milk and 80g Milky Bar chocolate.

I know that many people like to add other ingredients such as sweetened condensed milk, however, I don’t what that much of a sweet tooth. Yet, I do like a sweet drink from time to time and this recipe does it for me.

Another quite popular ingredient is heavy cream. I also do not use that, because I think the sauce tastes great without it and I see no need to complicate a perfectly easy recipe with a great taste with another ingredient.

A Note on the Chocolate

You can use white chocolate chips or simply a white chocolate bar. I decided to use a Milky Bar because it is widely available.

For best results, if you decide to use a chocolate bar, I recommend that you cut it into smaller pieces so that it melts easier.

A Note on the Milk

You can use any milk that your heart desires. I like whole milk, which is why I decided to stick to it.

However, if you prefer skim milk or even non-dairy milk such as oat milk, coconut milk, or almond milk, you can, of course, try them out too.

Steps For White Mocha Syrup

Here are the full directions for making this white mocha syrup right from the comfort of your own home.

You can use either a double boiler or a small saucepan to make this sauce. If you end up making more sauce, you can always use a medium saucepan too. The steps are exactly the same.

1. Add the Ingredients to the Saucepan or Double Boiler

It is not necessary to use warm milk. You can simply add the ingredients and turn the stove to medium heat.

2. Stir it Continually

Be sure to stir the syrup continually while it is heating up to make sure that it doesn’t burn.

3. Let it Cool Down and Store It

Before you put it in an airtight container for storage, be sure to let it cool down first.


I think the best thing or one of the best things about this syrup is that you can customize it to your taste. Here are some ideas for things that you can try.

1. Flavorings

You can easily add some extract or essence to the syrup to spice it up. Some of the flavors that you can try include peppermint and vanilla.

I recommend starting with a teaspoon of extract and then increasing it to taste.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon (pumpkin spice) is probably my favorite way of taking an already delicious coffee drink to the next level.

3. Sweet Cream, Heavy Cream, Half-and-Half, or Evaporated Milk

Any of these four ingredients will make your syrup a bit richer and will definitely give your drink a smoother texture. Start by adding two tablespoons of whichever one you choose and once again increase it if you feel that it is necessary.

4. Sweetened Condensed Milk

This is definitely a favorite amongst coffee lovers and with good reason. It gives your coffee that edge that no other ingredient can. Adding it to your mocha sauce will just add to the magic of it.

Condensed milk and evaporated milk in cans

Start by adding a tablespoon of condensed milk, because it is really sweet and you don’t want to end up with a too sweet drink. You can always add more if you feel that it is necessary.

Using it in Your Coffee

You can use this to make hot coffee or iced coffee.

You can also use espresso, french press coffee, instant coffee, cold brew coffee, or any other coffee that you prefer, for that matter.

How Much Syrup to Use

The amount of syrup that you add depends on the amount of coffee that you use.

For example, if you make a drink with one shot of espresso, one tablespoon of syrup should be perfect. But with a double shot, you will use two tablespoons.

With other coffees, I recommend using 1 tablespoon of syrup for 8oz of coffee.

The 7 Best Coffee Syrup Recipes

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Wicked mocha - mocha with dark chocolate, chili pepper and whipped cream.

2. Apple Syrup

This syrup is probably my absolute favorite coffee syrup at the moment. It gives me apple danish vibes and I am quite a fan of those.

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Poison apple cappuccino - cappuccino with apple sauce and and whipped cream.

3. Vanilla Syrup

Once in a while, we want to stick to something simple. Vanilla syrup might not be the fanciest coffee syrup, but it definitely is a beloved classic.

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Vanilla syrup in a small glass bowl.

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