Different Types of Cappuccino: Flavor and Kind Guide

A cappuccino is a really popular kind of coffee among coffee lovers. However, a cappuccino is not simply a cappuccino. You get many different kinds of cappuccinos.

In this post, I will give you a list of the most common variants of this coffee drink that there are.

Origin of the Cappuccino

Although the cappuccino is technically an Italian drink, we can actually trace its roots to the 1700s in Vienna. Given, their version wasn’t an espresso-based beverage. I mean, the espresso machine was only invented in the early 1900s, but the idea stays the same.

Colosseum in Italy.

The Austrian version was called Kapuziner and then you get the Italian cappuccino that we all have come to know and love. Both versions’ names comes from the fact that their color is similar to that of the robes of the Capuchin friars.

Traditional Cappuccino

A traditional cappuccino is the one that people normally drink. It contains equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. Many people like to add some latte art in the layer of foam to make the drink a bit fancier.

Because it is an espresso-based drink, an espresso machine is usually used to make a cappuccino. However, if you don’t have an espresso machine a Moka pot or AeroPress also does the job well.

The frothed milk are usually made with a steam wand, but similar to the shots of espresso, you are not bound to a certain piece of equipment. You can also opt for a handheld milk frother, French press or mason jar for this job.

Wet Cappuccino

On the other side of the coin, we have a wet cappuccino. This kind of cappuccino has more steamed milk and less foam than a traditional cappuccino.

However, it still has less steamed milk and more foam than a caffè latte. It is kinda the middle ground between a latte and a cappuccino.

Dry Cappuccino

A dry cappuccino, once again, has a different ratio of espresso to the other ingredients. It has less steamed milk and more milk foam than a normal cappuccino.

Bone Dry Cappuccino

This kind of cappuccino has no steamed milk. It is simply espresso with milk foam on spooned top.

Iced Cappuccino

As the name suggests, this kind of cappuccino has some ice added. This makes it the perfect drink for hot summer days.

Of course, you will use cold milk to make an iced cappuccino. So you’d have to froth cold milk.

I like to use a French press for this, however, a whisk, handheld frother, or mason jar will all do the trick.

Furthermore, I like to use coffee ice cubes and not normal ones. The reason is that normal ice cubes will water down your drink when it melts. This is not the case with coffee ice cubes. (You can use leftover coffee for this instead of throwing it away.)

Freddo Cappuccino

A cappuccino Freddo is a kind of an iced cappuccino. Basically, it is an iced bone dry cappuccino.

This means that to make this drink you will add ice to the espresso and spoon some milk foam on top.

Flavored Cappuccinos

Like you get flavored lattes, you also get flavored cappuccinos. They are not quite as common as the lattes, however, they do exist. Here are some examples of how to make common cappuccino flavors.

How to Make a Flavored Cappuccino

There are quite a few ways to flavor a cappuccino. Here are some ideas for you to try.

Cappuccino with Syrup Flavoring

You can flavor a cappuccino simply by adding coffee syrup to the espresso before you add the milk.

There is a crazy amount of coffee syrups that you can try. Some of these include chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup, hazelnut syrup and cappuccino syrup.

I always recommend two tablespoons of syrup for every 8oz (240ml) coffee. From there you can adjust it to your taste.

Alternative Milk Flavoring

By substituting the normal milk with non-dairy milk you will automatically end up with a different flavored drink. Two common options are almond milk and coconut milk. However, you can also try soy milk or oat milk.

When you make coffee with non-dairy milk see if you can find the barista version of it. It is really cool. They make these variants just so that we can use them in our coffee. I think that is very nice of them.

Milk-Syrup Mix Flavoring

You can also opt to use flavored syrup in combination with milk alternatives. Combining the kind of milk with the same flavor of syrup is quite nice.

For example, you can use coconut-flavored coffee syrup and coconut milk to make your drink.

However, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. Almond milk and vanilla syrup work well together.


Although this is an unconventional method, it is probably one of my favorites. It really makes for a great cappuccino. I simply add ¼ teaspoon of essence/extract to my coffee.

I prefer this over syrup, because I find the syrup to be too sweet.

Spice Flavoring

Although using spices are not the most common way of flavoring coffee and most coffee shops don’t serve such coffees, it is definitely one of my favorites.

It is much healthier than using syrups and to be honest, the aroma of the spices are just so much more alluring for me. Also, I think that the taste thereof pairs perfectly with the creamy texture of a cappuccino.

You can either go for chai coffee, which I believe is a great choice. Or you can sprinkle some spices on top of the drink. I like cinnamon powder or cocoa powder (although I guess that isn’t technically a spice, but whatever, still tasty).

Dirty chai lattes in white mugs.

The freedom to mix and match like crazy is something that I love about coffee. Nothing stops me from experimenting and coming up with my own crazy coffees. In the next section, I will give you some of my own cappuccino inventions.

My Crazy Cappuccinos

Although the above cappuccinos are the normal ones, we can still go crazy and make our own versions. Here are a few of my own cappuccinos.

Poison Apple Cappuccino

The poison apple cappuccino is one of my Halloween coffees. It is also one of my favorite coffees. It is simply amazing. It reminds me of apple danishes and I love those.

A poison apple cappuccino is a combination of apple syrupcaramel syrup, cinnamon, whipped cream, and espresso.

If you want to try making your own, here is my poison apple cappuccino recipe.

Poison apple cappuccino - cappuccino with apple sauce and and whipped cream.

Condensed Milk Cappuccino

Condensed milk coffee is another popular kind of coffee. Although you will be hard-pressed to find one in a coffee shop, many people like to make them at home.

A condensed milk cappuccino would simply be a regular cappuccino with two tablespoons of condensed milk added.

Crazy Candy Cappuccino

This is another of my Halloween coffee creations. In short, it is a sugar rush in a mug. It is a combination of coffee syrups, candy, whipped cream, steamed milk, and, of course, coffee.

You can read my crazy candy cappuccino recipe here.

Crazy candy cappuccino - cappuccino with dark chocolate, shortbread, mini marshmallows, caramel sauce and whipped cream.

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