Iced Mocha vs Iced Latte: A Detailed Comparison

You know those hot summer days when you just want a refreshing drink? It is on these days that it is important to know what the difference between an iced latte and an iced mocha is. This will help you choose the right one of these iced drinks.

The main difference is that an iced mocha has added chocolate syrup that an iced latte doesn’t.

Of course, there is usually also whipped cream on top of a mocha, but I consider that as a minor difference because you can leave it out and still have a mocha. If you really want, you can add the whipped cream to an iced latte. In that case, you will still have an iced latte.

The kind of coffee that you use is also different, but it doesn’t have as great an impact on the taste as the syrup.

If you want to you can skip to the part with the detailed comparison between an iced latte and an iced mocha.

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What is an Iced Latte?

Basically, iced lattes are the same as hot lattes. They are just cold instead of hot. It is espresso with cold milk poured over ice.

Simple Recipe for an Iced Latte

Here are the ingredients for an iced latte:

  1. Ground coffee beans (my favorite is Starbucks’s Pike Place Roast)
  2. 3/4 cup of whole milk (it is the best type of milk for this drink, but you can use other milk too)
  3. Optional sweetener
  4. Ice cubes

Here are the steps to make an iced latte:

  1. Pull 2 espresso shots
  2. Pour the fresh espresso over ice cubes
  3. Pour 3/4 cup of whole milk (and sweetener if you want) into a mason jar
  4. Make sure to screw on the lid tightly
  5. Shake the milk until you are satisfied with the amount of foam
  6. Pour the milk over the ice and espresso

If you do not have an espresso machine you can always use a Moka pot to make espresso-like coffee. Of course, you can also use coffee made with a different brewing method such as a french press. However, one of the main ideas of an iced latte is that, like a traditional latte, it is an espresso-based drink.

Also, note that you can adapt the amount of milk and shots of espresso to your taste. Coffee is a highly personal drink and everyone has a different taste. For example, if you like strong coffee, you could add a shot of espresso.

Iced Coconut Milk Latte

You can of course make the latte with coconut milk. In that case, you would use the same recipe as for the normal iced latte, but instead of normal milk use coconut milk.

If you want you can try other milk alternatives such as oat milk or almond milk. However, coconut milk works really well for this drink.

What is an Iced Mocha?

First, the word mocha tells you that it is a mixture of coffee and some kind of chocolate. So, basically, it is perfect for all coffee lovers who also happen to be chocolate lovers.

Also unlike an iced latte, an iced mocha is not espresso based. You will also add whipped cream on top of the drink.

Easy Iced Mocha Recipe

Here are the ingredients for an iced mocha:

  1. Regular brewed coffee
  2. Whole milk (a 1:1 ratio of milk to coffee is a good starting place to start)
  3. 2-4 tbsp store-bought or homemade chocolate syrup
  4. Whipped cream
  5. Optional chocolate shavings
  6. Ice cubes

Here are the steps to make an iced mocha:

  1. Pour the coffee over the ice
  2. Mix the milk and chocolate syrup
  3. Add the milk and chocolate syrup mix to the coffee
  4. Top with whipped cream and some chocolate syrup
  5. Add some chocolate shavings on top (optional)

Okay, so, I know regular brewed coffee is kind of a weird term, because what exactly is regular coffee? In this case, I mean coffee such as instant coffee, cold brew, coffee made with a french press, or drip coffee machine. So, basically, the type of coffee doesn’t matter that much. The only thing is that an iced mocha usually isn’t made with espresso. But I mean, no one is going to stop you from using espresso if you prefer it.

Also, like with the iced latte, the coffee-to-milk ratio is not set in stone. You can change it to suit your needs.

White Iced Mocha

It might be that you are a chocolate lover who prefers white chocolate. In this case, you would just make the chocolate syrup with white chocolate.

Tip for Your Ice
You can use normal ice cubes for your iced latte, but as it melts your drink will become watered down. Instead you can try to use freeze coffee in an ice cube tray to use in your drink.

Differences Between Iced Lattes and Iced Mochas

Type of Coffee

You might have noticed from the recipes that you make these two iced coffee drinks with different kinds of coffee.

Iced lattes are usually made with espresso. On the other hand, iced mochas are made with virtually any coffee other than espresso.

Caffeine Content

The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee varies greatly by the kind of beans that you use.

Generally, espresso is quite high in caffeine. However, the amount of coffee that you use also has an impact on how much caffeine there is in your drink. We often do not drink a great volume of espresso at a time. Because of this, many espresso-based drinks, like an iced latte, actually have less caffeine in than other types of coffee, like an iced mocha.

So, I cannot really tell you how much mg of caffeine there is in your drink. If you are concerned about this, it might be a good idea to look at the nutritional information of the coffee that you are drinking.

Taste of the Coffee

An iced mocha is more of a creamy drink than an iced latte. This is because of the added whipped cream that you top it off with.

Furthermore, by nature, an iced mocha is sweeter than an iced latte. However, the amount of added sweeteners that you drink in your iced latte could lead to a drink just as sweet or even sweeter than an iced mocha.

Because of the added chocolate syrup some of the coffee flavor might be hidden. This means that an iced latte might have a stronger coffee flavor. However, the amount of coffee that you add to your drink will definitely influence this. If you use more coffee in either of these drinks you will, of course, end up with a stronger coffee flavor.

Conclusion: Iced Latte vs Iced Mocha

Both of these are popular coffee drinks that can make any hot day better. You will most likely find both of these in your favorite coffee shop.

So, before you decide which one is the better choice for you, either order one or make one yourself using the recipes above.

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