The Best Condensed Milk Coffee Recipe: 10 Variations

I grew up with sweetened condensed milk coffee. When my family and I went on hikes we always added condensed milk to our coffee. It is the perfect addition to your morning coffee if you have a sweet tooth.

People all over the world have found a soft spot for it in their coffee. In fact, it is a common ingredient in Thai iced coffee and Vietnamese iced coffee. The added sweetness in iced coffee takes an already refreshing drink to the next level. Perfect for those crazy hot summer days when you just want to lounge next to the pool or throw a big party.

However, you don’t have to stick to iced coffee. Condensed milk goes really well with hot coffee too. It is the perfect substitute for milk and sugar if you are going camping and can’t take fresh milk with you. 

In this post, I will give you a simple recipe that you can adjust to make the other variations.

Base Recipe for Condensed Milk Coffee

The most basic form of this coffee is simply black coffee mixed with 1-2 tbsp condensed milk.

The type of coffee that you use isn’t really that important. Just aim for a strong brew. Strong coffee goes best with the sweeter taste of condensed milk coffee.

You can pull two shots of espresso with your espresso machine and add 200ml hot water. 

Or you can use a cup of strong brewed coffee made with, for example, a French press or drip coffee machine.

Instant coffee can also work well. Nescafé Gold Alta Rica and Nescafé Gold Instant Espresso are worth trying.

Nescafé Gold instant espresso next to Nescafé Alta Rica.

I always opt for dark roast coffee beans for this coffee. The bitterness of a dark roast balances the sweet taste of the condensed milk really well, in my opinion.

Also, the condensed milk not only adds some extra sweetness to your coffee, but it also adds a creamy texture.

You can, of course, also add some regular milk if you want it even creamier.

10 Variations on Condensed Milk Coffee

Whipped Cream Condensed Milk Coffee

This one is pretty much what the name suggests. You make the base coffee and add some whipped cream on top.

This will leave you with a sweet and creamy drink. Perfect for relaxing with a good book in front of the fire.

Cookies and Cream Condensed Milk Coffee

Cookies and cream is a beloved flavor. So, why not make it a coffee too?

Top the base coffee with whipped cream and cookie pieces and you are ready to go.

I used Oreo cookies and really recommend it.

Cookies and cream condensed milk coffee in a textured mug.

Mint Condensed Milk Coffee

​For this one, I also used whipped cream, because why not? Plus it tastes great.

Basically, I just topped the base coffee off with whipped cream and crushed mint chocolate.

Condensed Milk Latte Recipe

You can change the normal coffee that we’ve been making until now into a latte. To make a latte you would have to take the espresso version of the base coffee, but instead of 200ml water, you should use frothed milk. Here is the full recipe:


  1. 2 shots espresso
  2. 200ml whole milk
  3. 1-2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk


  1. Pull two espresso shots
  2. Mix the condensed milk and espresso
  3. Froth the milk
  4. Pour the milk over the espresso-condensed milk mix

Gingerbread Condensed Milk Coffee

If you are in the holiday mood, add some whipped cream and crushed gingerbread cookies on top of the base coffee.

Gingerbread condensed milk coffee in mug.

Iced Coffee With Condensed Milk

As the Thai and Vietnamese have figured out, condensed milk goes really well in iced coffee. All you have to do is add some ice cubes to the base recipe and voilà, you have iced coffee with condensed milk.

I recommend that you use coffee ice cubes and not normal ones. The normal ones will water down your drink as they melt. 

Fudge Condensed Milk Coffee

I guess if you are going for a sugar rush, you might as well do it properly.

Add some whipped cream and fudge pieces on top of the base coffee and you’ll have just that.

Chai Condensed Milk Coffee

​Why not sweeten your aromatic chai coffee with some sweetened condensed milk?

To do this you would swap out the normal coffee in the base coffee for chai coffee.

Marshmallow Condensed Milk Coffee

Is it just me or is marshmallows the perfect way to cheer up almost any hot drink?

Add some mini-marshmallows and whipped cream to the base coffee and you will have quite a cheerful drink.

Mini marshmallow condensed milk coffee in a textured mug.

Condensed Milk Mocha

​You can add some mocha sauce to the base coffee to make it more interesting.

If you do this, start off with one tablespoon of condensed milk and one tablespoon of mocha sauce. From there you can increase the amount of each a little bit at a time until you are satisfied with the taste.

You can also try using white mocha syrup.

Final Thoughts: Coffee With Condensed Milk Recipe

​Adding condensed milk to your morning cup of coffee will definitely cause it to be on the sweeter side, but sometimes that is just what we need, right?

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