Best Cardamom Latte: Easy Homemade Coffee Recipe

Although coffee as it is is amazing, it is great to switch things up from time to time. One of the coffee drinks that you can try to take your morning coffee to the next level is to try a cardamom latte. It is a real treat.

Adding cardamon to your coffee gives it a unique taste and will change your life for the better.

What is Cardamom Coffee?

Basically cardamom coffee is coffee that has been brewed with cardamom added to the coffee grounds. Adding spice to coffee is a tradition from the Middle East. In fact, Turkish cardamom coffee is a beloved drink all around the world.

The delicious cardamom latte that I will show you how to make has been inspired by Turkish coffee.

Ingredients for a Cardamom Latte

  1. Ground coffee
  2. ¼ tsp ground cardamom
  3. 1 cup whole milk

What if I Don’t Have an Espresso Machine?

Technically you have to use espresso to make a latte. So, I’d say that using a Moka pot or AeroPress is a good bet.

However, you can try other brewing methods, such as a French press, to make cardamom coffee. I will talk about that a bit later.

Do I Have to Use Ground Cardamom?

No, you can buy the whole cardamom pods, shell one or two of them and grind it with your coffee beans in your coffee grinder.

Amount of Cardamom

You can use more or less cardamom than what I suggest. In the end it is up to personal preference if you simply want a hint of cardamom in your coffee or if you want a stronger flavor.

Milk Alternatives

If you don’t want to or can’t use dairy milk, you can always switch it out for non-dairy milk such as oat milk or almond milk.

Almond milk in a box on a wooden surface.

​Also, whole milk is not necessary. If you want you can always go for skim milk or low fat milk. I just use whole milk because it gives the latte a creamy taste.

How to Froth the Milk Without a Steam Wand

You don’t need to have fancy equipment to make great coffee. Like with the coffee machine, there are other alternatives to those tools that are not quite as expensive. You can, for example, use a French press, mason jar or handheld milk frother to froth your milk.

My favorite of these methods is a French press because most coffee lovers already have one at home. And if you don’t have one, they are fairy cheap.


Try a Different Brewing Method

So, a latte is technically made with espresso and other kinds of coffee won’t give the same effect. However there is nothing stopping you from trying out different brewing methods to add cardamom flavor to your coffee. So, play around with your method of preparation to find a brewing method that you like better than the espresso method above.

All you have to do is add the cardamom to your coffee grounds and brew it as you usually would. The amount of cardamom that you need for every method will differ. However I will start with ¼ tsp of ground cardamom each time and adjust it from there.

Some brewing methods that you can try include a French press, Moka pot, or regular coffee maker. Cold brew is also great with some cardamom flavor added.

French Press

When I make cardamom coffee with my French press I use ½ tsp of cardamom for about 250 ml water and 2tbsp coffee grounds. I also use James Hoffmann’s method of making French press coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee

In summer, we often don’t feel like hot drinks. It is then that cold brew or other forms of iced coffee are amazing.

To make cold brew cardamom coffee you can follow my instructions to make cold brew in a French press and simply add a teaspoon of cardamom to the grounds before steeping it.

Iced Coffee

Although I already mentioned cold-brewed coffee, you can also stick to your other favorite brewing methods. Simply add some coffee ice cubes and swop the hot milk for cold milk. You can froth the milk using a mason jar, French press or even a small whisk.

Add Syrup

If you like sweet coffee, you can always add your favorite sweetener such as white sugar, maple syrup or simple syrup to your cup of coffee. There are other great syrup flavors that you can also try.

Cardamom coffee in a double walled mug.

Cardamom Latte

Sometimes spicing things up is a good idea. The same goes for adding cardamom to coffee. It is absolutely amazing and a must-try.
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1
Calories 150 kcal


  • Ground coffee
  • ¼ tsp ground cardamom
  • 1 cup whole milk


  • Mix the ground cardamom and coffee grounds well
  • Put the coffee and cardamom mix in the filter basket
  • Pull a double shot of espresso
  • Froth the milk
  • Pour the milk over the espresso
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Pumpkin spice latte in a white cup

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