AeroPress Cold Brew: Easy Recipe Made in Minutes

When I first heard of an AeroPress I was kinda sceptical, but the more I use it the more I fall in love with it. Now, I found out that you can make cold brew concentrate using AeroPress coffee makers…

Things just got so much better for every coffee lover out there, especially the coffee enthusiasts with a particular love for cold brew.

I am quite fond of cold brew and have many great memories associated with it, but I don’t have the patience to wait for 12-24 hours for my coffee to finish brewing. Which is why traditional cold brew is not something that I quite often make.

However, when using an AeroPress you can make yourself amazing cold brew in just a couple of minutes. The reason for that is the fact that an AeroPress works with pressure. That helps to extract the flavor compounds with a much shorter steep time as you need to when using the normal cold brew method.

​So, basically, Alan Adler, the inventor of the AeroPress is a genius and we are really grateful for his contribution to our lives.

AeroPress Cold Brew Recipe

1. Assemble your AeroPress

I use a cup even though I am making cold brew. I feel that it is sturdier and thus safer. I will transfer the coffee to a glass after finishing it.

So, simply put the filter in the filter cap. Then, screw on the filter cap to the brewing chamber and put the brewing chamber on a sturdy mug or glass.

2. Add Coffee and Water

Add one scoop of medium to finely ground coffee to the brewing chamber.

Fill the AeroPress brewing chamber with room-temperature water to about number 2.

3. Stir the Coffee

Stir the mixture for about a minute using the stirring paddle that you got with your AeroPress.

4. Plunge

Plunge gently with the plunger. If you meet a lot of resistance, it means that you used too fine a grind. Next time, grind your beans a bit coarser.

Best Coffee Grind Size

With the normal cold brewing methods, such as French press cold brew, we use a coarse grind size. However, for this recipe a finer grind size works better.

The reason is that with an AeroPress the water seeps through the coffee grounds too fast when you use a too coarse grind size. A finer one improves the extraction.

Yet, be careful to not use too fine a grind size. If you get too much resistance when plunging, the chances are that your coffee has been ground too fine.

Coffee beans and grounds on wood.

Pre-Ground Coffee vs Grinding it Yourself

I am a bit of a sucker for home-ground coffee beans. So, I really try to avoid pre-ground coffee.

However, if you are fine with the taste of pre-ground beans, there is nothing stopping you from using it. The advantage of it is that you don’t have to put in the effort to grind it yourself. Also, you don’t have to buy a grinder. Which, your bank account will thank you for

Water Temperature

For this recipe room-temperature water is better, well, in my opinion. The reason is that because the brewing process is so slow, the slightly higher temperature water will extract the coffee a bit better.

However, the the difference is not that much and if you want to go for cold water you can do so. It will be good either way.


Stirring Time

If you feel that the coffee is not quite as strong as you like, you can always try to stir the coffee for a longer time. However, the longer you stir, the more coffee wil seep through the filter while you are stirring. 

If you want to stir the coffee for a longer time, then I recommend using the inverted method. With it you can steep the coffee for a long time without anything seeping through.

Inverted AeroPress Method and Cold Brew

Basically, the inverted AeroPress method involves assembling the AeroPress upside down. Then you put the cup on top of the AeroPress and flip it around before plunging.

The advantage of this method is that less of the coffee will seep though the filter while you are stirring. That means that it makes longer brew times possible, giving you more control over the outcome.

Upside down AeroPress.

Water-to-Coffee Ratio

Most AeroPress cold brew recipes tell you to use a certain amount of grams of water or coffee grounds. They also give you ratios and whatever.

I really don’t think it is necessary. I measure the AeroPress scoops of grounds and fill the chamber with water using the markings on the side. That is how an AeroPress is meant to be used and I see no reason to do it otherwise.

Part of the genius behind AeroPress coffee is that it makes fast coffee. Why make it slower?

AeroPress Cold Brew vs Normal Cold Brew Taste

There will, of course, be some taste differences between the two methods. However, if you ask me, the differences are not big enough to warrant a discussion.

I made cold brew in both ways and believe that the taste is similar enough for AeroPress cold brew to replace the old and tedious method.

Serving Cold Brew

Once you have the cold brew coffee concentrate you now have to decide how you want to serve it. It is a matter of personal preference, but here are some serving suggestions for you.

Milk in Your Cold Brew

I like to add milk to my cold brew. I really like the subtly sweet and round taste thereof.

In this post, I explain in detail why I add milk to my cold brew.

Cold brew with milk with coffee beans.

Sweeten Your Cold Brew

​Most people like their iced coffee a bit sweeter. Even I like a hint of sweetness in cold coffee. Whereas with hot coffee I prefer to drink it unsweetened.

Sugar being added to cold brew to sweeten it.

Use Coffee Ice Cubes

I think that it is a good practice to add coffee ice cubes to my iced coffee. My reason is that as the ice melts, it will water down your coffee and who wants that?

Coffee ice cubes in an ice tray.

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