7 Simple Recipes For Adding Syrup to Coffee at Home

If you’re looking to spice up your morning coffee, syrup can be the perfect way to achieve this. But how much syrup should you add to your coffee to get the perfect taste?

Of course, the true amount is completely based on personal preference. The general recommended amount is one tablespoon of syrup each 8 ounces of coffee (about 240ml). If you are ordering at Starbucks, this amounts to about two pumps of syrup.

If you have a really sweet tooth, you can add more tablespoons of syrup. Or if you are like me and just want a hint of sweetness, you can make it less. In fact, I sometimes only add a teaspoon of syrup to my coffee.

Also, the syrup that you are using has a great impact on the amount of syrup that you add to your coffee. Some syrups are sweeter than others and then you would have to add less.

There are many natural sweeteners in the form of syrup that you can try, like maple syrup. You can, of course, also use homemade syrup or even buy some. In this post, I will give you some ideas for syrups that can add some delicious flavors to your coffee as well as some recipes to make your own syrup.

The great thing about making your own syrup at home is that you can avoid artificial sweeteners and stick to natural ingredients. I mean, either way, it is not healthy, but I guess using natural flavorings is a tiny bit better. Or that is what I like to tell myself.

Also, I prefer natural flavors over artificial flavors merely because many artificial ones have an aftertaste that I don’t particularly like.

Simple Syrup Recipes

Most of the time you can make flavored syrup by starting off with a simple syrup made of sugar and water. There are, of course, many different ways of making syrup, but this way is by far the easiest and fastest.

So all of the recipes that I give you today will be what I call simple syrup recipes because all of them start off with simple syrup. So here is the recipe to make a simple syrup. The steps to flavor the syrup to your taste will follow after this.

Recipe for Simple Syrup


  1. ¼ cup water
  2. ¼ cup sugar


  1. Add the water and sugar together in a saucepan.
  2. Put the mixture over medium heat and stir continually.
  3. Once the sugar is dissolved, turn off the heat.

Now you have a simple syrup that you can use as the base to make all the flavoring syrups for not only your hot coffee drinks but also for your cold coffee. It is just important that you go to the next steps of the syrups as soon as you turn off the heat after making the simple syrup. You don’t want to wait until it has cooled off.

After making your simple syrup, you can now add any other flavor that you like. After that wait for about 30 minutes for it to cool down before you transfer it to another container.

Flavoring the Syrup

1. Vanilla Syrup

There are so many different coffee drinks that you can make using vanilla syrup. Probably the most popular one is a caramel macchiato. But a vanilla latte is actually also quite a beloved drink among coffee lovers.

Vanilla syrup in a small glass bowl.

There are two ways to make vanilla syrup. One is by using vanilla extract and the other is made with vanilla beans. In my recipe I cover both.

Vanilla Syrup Made Using Extract/Essence

To make this syrup, you will start with a simple syrup and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Using Vanilla Bean

If you’d rather use vanilla beans to make vanilla syrup that’s fine. Here are the steps for this method:

  1. Cut the vanilla bean in half lengthwise
  2. Roast the bean while you wait for the simple syrup to finish
  3. Add the bean to the syrup once the sugar has dissolved
  4. Let it steep for a while before straining it

2. Mocha Sauce/Chocolate Syrup

If you are a mocha lover, this recipe is perfect for you. In all honesty, I think this is the best mocha sauce there is, plus it is really easy to make with very few ingredients.

After making the simple syrup that I mentioned earlier add ¼ cup cocoa powder, 1 tsp vanilla extract/essence, and a pinch of salt.

3. Peppermint Mocha Syrup/Sauce

For a spin on a normal mocha, you can try to make a peppermint mocha. All you have to do is add a teaspoon of peppermint extract to the above mocha syrup.

4. Hazelnut Syrup Recipe

Want to add a nutty twist to your coffee? Try hazelnut syrup. It’ll change your life for the better. Like with vanilla sauce, you have two options. Extract or infusion. Here are both recipes.

Hazelnut Syrup Using Extract

To do this, start by making a simple syrup like I explained earlier, and add a teaspoon of hazelnut extract.

Hazelnut Syrup Made Through Infusion

Using real hazelnuts to make the syrup is also a great idea. Here are the steps for this method:

  1. Cut the nuts into pieces (it’ll help give you better flavor)
  2. Roast the nuts while you wait for the simple syrup to finish
  3. Add the nuts to the syrup once the sugar has dissolved
  4. Let it steep for a while before straining it (optional)

Leaving in the nuts is a really nice way to spice up your drink. So, it’s definitely worth the shot.

5. Apple Syrup

I know this one might seem a bit strange, but it is actually a really delicious addition to coffee. I’m pretty much addicted…

Cut one apple into small pieces and add it to the simple syrup. Let it simmer over low heat for ten minutes. Turn off the heat and let the syrup cool.

You can strain the syrup or use it with the pieces in. I like to leave the pieces in. It gives me apple danish vibes and I like that.

6. Cinnamon Syrup

Add two cinnamon sticks to the hot simple syrup to let it release its flavor. You can actually add them while you are making the syrup if you want. Remove the cinnamon sticks before adding the syrup to your coffee. 

7. Caramel Syrup

Okay, so I know that there are some fancy ways to make caramel syrup by boiling it for a while until the sugar caramelizes. But honestly, it’s just not worth it for me. I like a simple recipe.

I mix 1 tbsp of Nestlé Caramel with 2 tbsp milk in a small saucepan. Put it over medium-high heat and stir it until it is a smooth sauce/syrup. It takes less than 2 minutes and tastes amazing.

How Much Syrup to Add to Your Coffee

The amount of syrup you add to your coffee depends on your personal taste preferences. As I mentioned at the start, a good place to start is one tablespoon of syrup per cup of coffee (8 oz/240 ml) and adjust from there. If you prefer a stronger flavor, add more syrup. Keep in mind that some syrups, like vanilla, are sweeter than others, like caramel or hazelnut, so you may need to use less of those. Experiment with different amounts until you find the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor for your taste buds.

Tips for Storing and Using Syrup at Home

To ensure your syrup stays fresh and flavorful, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Most of these syrups will probably be fine in the fridge for a week. But I prefer making a little bit at a time and rather storing it for a shorter period of time. This is great in any case because then you can try different flavors more often to find your new favorite coffee combination.

43 Ways of Sweetening Cold Brew

​Okay, so like I mentioned earlier I kinda prefer coffee that is not too sweet. However, when it comes to cold brew coffee, it is a whole other matter. 

1. Pumpkin Spice Sauce

This sauce is absolutely perfect for when fall comes around. It is just the time of year when you really need pumpkin spice in food and drinks.

Read my recipe for pumpkin spice sauce for coffee.

Pumpkin spice latte in a white cup
Pumpkin Spice Latte with Pumpkin Spice Syrup

2. Sweetened Condensed Milk

All around the world, this is probably one of the most popular ways to sweeten cold brew. And to be honest, it is probably my favorite.

3. Honey

Honey in its natural form is quite sticky and doesn’t mix too well with cold coffee, but if you make a honey syrup by mixing it with water you’ll be left with an amazing glass of refreshing cold brew.

Read all 43 ways to sweeten cold brew.

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